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In continuity with the previous legislation on transparency and anti-corruption, Legislative Decree No. 24 of March 10, 2023 introduced new requirements in the subjective and objective spheres, with particular regard to the protection of persons who report violations of Union law and national regulatory provisions of which they become aware before, during or after a public or private employment relationship (so-called whistleblowing).
OFFHEALTH SpA, hereafter more simply “OFFHEALTH”, which has always been attentive to the highest ethical and behavioral values, promptly established, as soon as it reached the dimensional requirements stipulated by the aforementioned decree, the internal channel for whistleblowing required by the regulations, taking care of the utmost confidentiality of the whistleblowers and the individuals involved in the report, along with the contents of the report itself.
OFFHEALTH encourages reporting any improper, dishonest, or potentially illegal activity whether the same has already been committed, is likely to be committed, or has potentially been committed, as well as conduct that may cause damage or harm, including image damage, to OFFHEALTH.
The handling of reports has been entrusted by OFFHEALTH to its own Authorized Manager, who meets the requirements of competence, independence, and ability to ensure maximum protection of personal data processed.
To make the report, the data subject may use one of the following tools:

  • In written form, using the so-called “Three Envelope Method”. The potential whistleblower will include two envelopes which will respectively contain:
    • the first, the reporting person’s identification data and a photocopy of an identification document; only the following will be written on the envelope: “contains identifying data of the reporting person”; it is specified that the report can also be anonymous, with the limitations established by law for such reports;
    • the second, a document that describes the facts being reported in as much detail as possible, including any useful attachments; only the following will be written on the envelope: “contains report”.
  • In voice form, by making a call to
    345/7908911 leaving on the answering machine the useful data to be contacted and the subject of the reports.

  • In attendance, asking at the same phone number for a confidential meeting with the Reporting Manager.

For more information please refer to the documents, also found on this site, “Whistleblowing Policy” at the link and “Whistleblowing Disclosure” at the link.


Document code WB02 Document Date: 16 April 2024